Vehicle Inspection

As an RACQ approved inspection station, we can give you peace of mind when buying a second hand car. Just give us a call to arrange an appointment to bring in that car before you hand over your hard earned cash.

And even if you are selling your car, we can inspect your car, fix anything that needs to be and provide you with a Road Worth Certificate, this certificate is legally needed for all registered cars in Queensland prior to advertising your car for sale.

European car repairs

The object of many people desires, european cars are renowned for their beauty, state of the art technology and reliability. At Memmotts, you can trust us with your pride and joy for servicing and repairs. Call us today and talk to one of our professional mechanics about your car.

We service and repair all makes of European cars including:

Power Steering Repairs

Power steering has changed the way we drive. The advantages of a power steering system are even more appreciated by drivers of large vehicles. Before power steering became standard in cars, we all had to work out in the gym to build the muscles needed to steer out cars. With power steering now standard in cars, steering has become effortless.

As our cars become more and more complex, the price to repair power steering systems also increases. That’s where Memmotts can help, we can save you money by repairing your existing system.

We specialise in:

  • Power Steering Pumps
  • Power Steering Boxes
  • Power Steering Racks
  • Power Steering Hoses
  • Fully reconditioned Units

Don’t waste your money on a brand new system before you talk to us.

Power Steering Repairs

Diagnostic Services

We take care for your vehicle

Something doesn’t sound right? Engine light came on and you have no idea why? Come in and see us at Memmotts Automotive where we can run a diagnostic on your engine to determine what the problem is and offer solutions in terms you can understand.

Diagnostic Services

LPG Gas Conversions

LPG Gas Conversions

LPG Gas Conversions make good sense. With rising fuel costs making us wonder if we can afford to even fill our car each week, you are always looking for a way to save on fuel. A gas conversion with a smart and environmentally friendly way save of running costs.

Memmotts Automotive have been specialising in Gas Conversions since the technology became available, in fact, Memmotts where the first Automotive workshop to offer Gas Conversions in Queensland. Gas Converted cars run cleaner, so you know you are doing your part for the environment, not to mention the cost saving from being able to purchase fuel at a cheaper rate per litre. Come in a see us today and talk to Ray about how a Gas Conversion can save you money