four wheel drive service specialist

Four Wheel Drive Service Specialist

Four wheel drive vehicles include sport utility vehicles (SUV), trucks and vans. These vehicles are often driven off road or used for towing and hauling. They need more continual maintenance than standard front wheel drive automobiles.

The staff at Memmotts Automotive, four-wheel drive service specialist, is trained to work on vehicles in the Brisbane area used for off road driving and hauling. Four wheel drive trucks and vans are often used on construction sites where roads have not been paved. They may pull trailers or carry heavy materials that reach the vehicle’s maximum weight load. Other SUVs may haul trailers and boats. These vehicles are built for tougher driving conditions but they need extra care.

All new 4WD cars and trucks come with warranties and suggested maintenance schedules. A vehicle that is cared for will extend far beyond the expiry date of the warranty providing good service for many years.

Mechanical services

Oil and transmission fluids should be checked more often if the vehicle is driven off road. It may need more frequent changes based on the age of the vehicle.

Drive or propeller shaft and the rear axle can be worn or damaged with extensive hauling or driving on rough surfaces. Universal joints may need lubricating more often. The transfer case and differential oil needs to be checked and changed when low.

Belts and hoses may come loose, frayed or break with heavy road use and lead to radiator and valve damage. The belts should be changed at the first sign of fraying to avoid future damage to the engine. All electronic connections must be tightly secured while a 4WD vehicle bumps over unpaved roads and rocks.

Mufflers and exhaust systems are often casualties of off road driving requiring replacement.

Suspension and chassis

Suspension wears quickly on 4WD trucks, vans and SUVs used for off road work. Newer vehicles are constructed with better suspension but shock absorbers or dampers may need replacing with continual use on rough surfaces. The shock mountings and bushes should be checked frequently along with possible fluid leaks.

Good springs are necessary for heavy loads. Sagging springs will lead to chassis and wheel damage. Wheels may have to be aligned and balanced more often depending on the vehicle’s use.


Memmotts Automotive is the best service centre in Brisbane for 4WD vehicles. Trained technicians will carefully inspect a 4WD vehicle based on its age and use. The latest technical diagnostic equipment is used to evaluate all necessary parts of the vehicle. Engines, exhaust systems, transmissions and injectors can be repaired or replaced as necessary.

Memmotts at Level 1, 14 Cox Road in Windsor has been serving the Brisbane area since 1956.